Resource Recovery
Made in NRW

"Resource Recovery - Made in NRW 2015"

Growing population and changing lifestyles in Africa lead to increasing volume and complexity of waste, containing more and more hazardous substances that are of particular concern because they pose risks to human health and the environment. As sanitary landfills are scarce and have a limited life-span, significant portions of waste find their way to dumpsites and heaps.

At the same time, resource recovery and recycling are handled primarily by waste pickers in the informal sector causing serious risks for the quality of life and the environment. Which are appropriate technical options and their prerequisites for resource recovery and turning waste into valuable secondary raw materials that are at the same time economically viable? This was the guiding question behind the two training programme "Resource Recovery - Made in NRW" offered by GIZ with financial support of the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia. The programme focussed on representatives from companies, local governments, ministries, and agencies in charge of planning, implementing or supervising waste management, resource recovery and recycling.

Participants from Ghana and Kenya during the evaluation workshop of the first course in December 2014


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